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Sensing Plus® Smoke Alarms Meet UL Standard 217 8th Edition

  • Dual protection that's capable of sensing the presence of both slow smoldering & fast flaming fires. Earlier detection of fires caused by modern building materials.
  • Built in microprocessor that eliminates virtually all false alarms associated with everyday cooking smoke & steam.
  • AI-artificial intelligence techniques can differentiate and classify smoke & fire profiles.
  • A unique tamper proof design will prevent others from tampering the alarm's battery.
  • Lithium–Free 10 year permanent power alkaline batteries give you safer, more eco-friendly and maintenance free protection for the life of the alarm.
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Universal Smoke Sensing Technology

  • Not your average alarms - responds to both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires - with one sensor, in one alarm.
  • Contains patented microprocessor technology.
  • Respond up to 87% faster to slow smoldering fires.
  • More affordable than dual sensor alarms, and most competitor's stand-alone photoelectric alarms.
  • Can distinguish between cooking smoke or steam and real fire, significantly reducing nuisance alarms.
  • Several options available: combo smoke/co alarms, 10 year battery alarms.

Universal Security Sensing Plus® Smoke Alarms include the latest smoke and fire safety enhancement features while conforming to the new UL 217 8th Edition that is set to launch June 30th, 2022. Complying with this new UL standard set to be introduced, Security Sensing Plus® Smoke Alarms are being designed to quickly identify the presence of smoke and fire without triggering nuisance alarms brought on by everyday cooking smoke and steam. By utilizing multi criteria smoke and fire sensors, this selection of AI powered smoke detectors can differentiate and respond to both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires (includes polyurethane fires that tend to burn quicker).

U.S.S.T. alarms are very effective at detecting fast flaming fires. They also respond quickest to slow smoldering fires. This sensor type provides the Maximum Overall Protection and addresses the primary concerns of Fire Service Professionals.

Universal Security Instruments created its microprocessor software to eliminate virtually all nuisance alarms caused by non-hazardous sources such as every day cooking smoke and steamy shower mist. Nuisance alarms are listed as the leading reason for triggering disabled smoke alarms. Almost 50% of deaths attributed to fires were in homes without a functioning smoke alarm. Other smoke alarms have used the same sensor technology for years, but USI has gone above and beyond to provide a cost effective smoke/fire alarm that's integrated with the newest microprocessor technology to date.

The National Fire Protection Association has recommended that both ionization and photoelectric smoke alarm sensing technologies be used in the home. This allows for an optimal response time in detecting both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires. Our new Universal Smoke Sensing Technology Alarms have been tested to respond quicker to both types of fires when compared to normal ionization and photoelectric alarms. Every minute counts when it comes to protecting your home and loved ones, make sure you are properly prepared with a brand you can trust.

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