Bring Your Home up to Code with Universal Security Instruments Sensing Plus® Alarms

By implementing multi criteria smoke and fire sensors, Universal Security Sensing Plus® Alarms can differentiate and respond to both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires (includes polyurethane fires that tend to burn quicker). Detection is enhanced with a built-in microprocessor that removes the presence of virtually all false alarms caused by cooking. This ensures that you'll have access to a highly intelligent smoke and fire detector or 3-in-1 smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarm that will only alert you to actual threats. All Universal Security Sensing Plus® Alarms are powered by ten year lithium-free batteries, providing a decade's worth of maintenance free protection. Universal Security Sensing Plus® Detectors are available as 2-in-1 smoke & fire alarms and 3-in-1 smoke, fire & carbon monoxide alarms. Universal Security Instruments - Always Working to Protect your Family.

NEW! UL 217 8th Edition Tests Include:

ul standard 217 8th edition tests for smoke alarms
  • Resistance to Nuisance Alarms caused from steam or cooking.
  • Responds quickly to both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires.
  • Immunity to High-Voltage Current Surges & 10 years of continuous protection.

Bring Your Home & Properties Up to Code. Install NEW Sensing Plus® Alarms Today to be Compliant with the new UL217 8th Edition smoke detector standards. All New Sensing Plus® Models are CSFM California State Fire Marshal Approved.

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