Products is the definitive outlet for purchasing elite products and accessories that excel in establishing the ultimate in peace of mind. Our catalogue features an excellent assortment of Smoke and Fire Alarms that utilize Photoelectric and Ionization Sensors. We also carry an assortment of Carbon Monoxide Alarms that come in the 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and 4-in 1 variety that perform exceptionally well in alerting owners of Carbon Monoxide and Natural Gas Leaks. Combination Alarms have also been included and are capable of detecting multiple hazards simultaneously. Entirely exclusive to the USI Brand, Universal Smoke Sensing Alarms represent the absolute best in terms of offering maximum coverage. Universal Smoke Sensing Alarms respond quickly to both fast-flaming and slow-smoldering fires.

USI's standard for creating products and accessories that repeatedly redefine Industry Standards continues with the release of its Bathroom Ventilation collection. Showcasing all of the qualities and perks reserved for a meticulously crafted USI product, USI Bath Fans come in a variety of sleek and performance heavy options. These are a natural addition for those looking to swiftly install a fan that's capable of quickly dismissing moisture. This collection is bolstered to an even greater extent with the inclusion of Bath Fan Accessories that add a significant amount of flexibility to a product that's innately versatile.

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