Fire & CO Safety Tips - Where To Install Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Universal Security Instruments is a leading manufacturer of Smoke, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Utilizing a collection of brand specific technologies to achieve the highest standard of safety possible, USI Alarms are an optimal choice for safeguarding your household from the many dangers associated with smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. While the purchase of a USI alarm can be instrumental in protecting your home from these threats, it's important to note that proper installation is the key to maximizing your overall safety. Every household contains a series of locations where an alarm would be most beneficial. We'll be covering those locations in the following sections while showcasing a few USI Combination Alarms that excel in offering maximum coverage.

To secure the maximum in overall protection, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has recommended that a combination alarm be installed within every bedroom, areas adjoining bedrooms and every level within the household. This would include basements and finished attic spaces. Additional alarms should be used to protect stairways, as this location may act as a chimney for rising smoke and heat. The USI Hallway 3-in-1 Smoke, Fire and Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm with 10 Year Tamper-Proof Sealed Battery provides ten years of continuous protection against smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. Utilizing newly patented Universal Smoke Sensing Technology, this alarm provides the benefits of both photoelectric and ionization alarms in one device. This makes it an ideal addition for any room within the household that requires a steadfast alarm.

Every household also features a number of areas that should be avoided when it comes to the installation of a combination alarm. Installation in an improper location can affect the sensitive electronic components within the alarm. Owners should avoid installing smoke or carbon monoxide detectors in extremely humid areas. If necessary, alarms should be placed at minimal 10 feet away from any bathroom, kitchen, utility room or any other setting capable of high humidity. Areas capable of very hot or cold conditions should also be avoided. This would include: garages, kitchens and unfinished attics. Space near ceiling fans, heat vents and air conditioners should also be avoided as blowing air may prevent smoke or CO gas from reaching the sensors.

The Universal Security Instruments Online Store offers an extended selection of Smoke and Fire Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Combination Alarms. The USI 3-in-1 Hardwired Smoke, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm with 10 Year Tamper-Proof Sealed Battery is another combination alarm that offers protection from three different household threats. This 3-in-1 detector utilizes a sealed back-up battery (included) that will never have to be replaced throughout the life of the alarm, giving you a decade's worth in peace of mind even in the event of a power outage.

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